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What is Collective Worship?

Collective worship is a special time during the school day, where pupils are given the opportunity to reflect, respond and come together with the whole school. There is an act of Collective Worship every day for the whole school. Our aim is that our worship is inclusive, invitational and inspiring.

At our school, this will include the use of songs, music, stories, drama and readings familiar to those of a Christian faith, and promoting the values that Christians believe to be important.

* Monday:  We introduce a new theme, Christian Value, bible story or linked to a current festival. with Mr Pollard and/or Y6 pupils.

* Tuesday: the children enjoy learning new hymns and songs in Singing Collective Worship with Mr Pollard.

* Wednesday: follows Picture News scheme about current topical issues happening around the world and we relate this to Christian Values with Mrs Fry.

* Thursday: Collective Worship is delivered by Eleanor Lewis from Holy Trinity Church on the termly theme or following on from Monday's worship.

* Friday: we end the week with our Celebration Collective Worship; celebrating our achievements over the past  week with Mr Pollard.

Please see our Collective Worship policy on policies page by clicking here.

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